Challenge yourself
Achieve perfection
No excuses


Get you dream body, enahnce your endurance and strength by performing simple exercises suited to your needs and capabilities.

Regardless of your age or physical condition I'll apply the proper approach and methodology to help you achieve your goals.

Improve your mindset. Regular physical training will sharpen your mind, make you more focused, present and confident.

Proper posture, a strong grip, keen mind and a slim physique are just some of the benefits of our efforts.


My name is Łukasz Osiecki. I'm a lecturer and a coach of mental and physical development and a former instructor for the Military Police Special Units.

I'm an expert in personal security risk managment and building confidence in extreme situations. I own a III dan black belt in Krav Maga and Defendo self-defence systems.

I've graduated the Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw and The Bush School of Government and Public Service.

I trained all people of all ages and levels of capability. Some of my clients are MMA fighters, senior citizens and people with impaired eyesight.

I'm passionate about hand-to-hand combat in sports and self-defence. I'm interested in broad security both individual and global. In my work I utilize my physical skills and geopolitical knowledge in order to provide my clients with the highest degree of security, protection and comfort.



Regular exercise improves your state of mind, your immunity and prevents various diseases. Together we will make sure your body and mind are in peak condition.


Our everyday excuses prevent us from achieving our goals. My job is to support and motivate you to continue improving yourself.


Discipline is nothing without consistency. The basic principle in achieving success is identifying the the best practices and repeating them until they become habit.


No one achieves success overnight. It always requires hard, systematic work and sacrifice. Our training will form the "winner mindset" in sports as well as in life.


The first step into the unknown is the most difficult. Learn how to set and achieve your goals efficiently and all that scrifice will be worth it.


In life we all encounter barriers, which seem unsurmountable at first. Remember that the only real barrier is the one in your mind.